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3 YEARS HOLLOW - You and I (2018)

Following up a band's debut album is often challenging, as for the first time, they have to start over and write new music now that the songs they formed the band around have been released. In many cases, sophomore albums differ greatly from what fans loved as styles change in the interim time from being on the road.

It has been four years since 3 Years Hollow put out their debut album, Cracks, which is a good amount of time for new music. I saw them play at a small venue in Providence, RI in 2014 just before their album was released and they put on an excellent show, so have always been on the lookout for updates from the band.

Finally, the band has released a new song, and it does not disappoint. "You and I" follows the style of their debut album while also showing growth as a band. Frontman Jose Urquiza said that this song was a 'Thank you' to the fans and that the band was excited to be writing together again after a break, suggesting this is a solo single release and a sophomore album may be a ways down the road.

"You and I" opens with a slow intro, with quiet vocals over pulsing guitar singing: "Where were you?/I was down further than before/You worked me dry/Felt alone and I was so shy/What would it take me to go back?/I will pray." Chugging guitars and heavier vocals come in next with the first verse and the song's lyrics appear to be about an abusive relationship and walking away from it.

Previous songs off their debut album, Cracks, featured rhythmic verses over complex guitar riffs and melodies and this song is no different, but remind me most of "We Belong" in style. Rather than matching the various rhythms in the guitars, Urquiza's vocals soar above all that making for a strong melodic rock song and solid entry into the band's discography. The bridge toward the end of the song says: "We were walking around all these towns/Miles between/Can you see me better from farther away/How far do you want me to be?" hinting at relationship struggles from being on the road as a band.

This new song breathes new life into the band and should energize their fans as we wait for their next album.

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